Learn how to reply an intellectual property report and what to expect from each step of the process.

As part of the Brand Protection Program, rights holders can report alleged intellectual property infractions they find in the site’s listings.

If any of your listings receives an intellectual property erport, don’t dispair! We’ll tell you what you can do and what to expect every step of the process.

1. The rights holder sends a report

When you receive it, we will notify you by email and you will see your listing marked as “Inactive due to report” in the Listings menu. View the reporting reasons.

Make sure to reply on time. If your listing receives a report and you don’t respond within four days, it will be automatically cancelled.

2. Send your counter-notice

To respond, you can send documentation that proves you are not violating rights. For example, purchase invoices that prove that the product is original, or authorization from the rights holder to offer their products.

If you received a report about images in your listing, you will also have the option to correct and send them in response to the rights holder.

3. The rights holder reviews the counter-notice

They will have four days to review what you sent them and respond.

» If they accept the response or do not respond within four days, the listing is reactivated.

» If they do not accept the response or do not send your counter-notice on time, the listing is cancelled.

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