Your listings under MXN $499 will have an additional selling fee.

We will add a fixed fee of MXN $5 per unit sold to the amount you actually pay.

Premium Exposure

17.5% + MXN $5

per unit


See updated fees for Mexico

The minimum selling price will be set to MXN $7

To prevent any potential loss due to the new fixed fee, you will only be able to list items starting at MXN $7.

If you have listings under MXN $7, update their prices or bundle them in kits or packs to reach the new minimum. If you don’t do so, we’ll pause those listings on February 10th.

We will update selling and shipping fees for Mexico Full

Currently, sellers with green reputation get a 70% shipping discount on Full products over MXN $499. On February 10th, we will update this discount to 60%. See updated shipping costs for Full.

In addition, on Full products over MXN $2,500, you will pay a 17.5% selling fee instead of the current 14.5% granted by the Full exclusive discount.

If you have listings with active discounts, remember that any price update may cause the promotion to drop. To avoid losing sales, we suggest to start the updates after February 1st.

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