About the Access to your Account

We’ll send you an email with your new password -you can change it after entering the new platform.

You will need a cell phone to validate the login.

After receiving the email you can only access the account from the Mercado Libre Global Selling platform.

About your Data

You will keep all your orders, listings and visits, but you must add collaborators again if you have them.

This change will not affect any of the external tools that operate in your account.

About the use of external tools

If you already have a new account in Mercado Libre Global Selling and you use applications, you will need to adapt them to the new sales platform. Follow this step by step, you will have until June to do it.

About the Marketplaces

From now on, you’ll manage each marketplace individually by using the switch in the top menu.

Fulfillment by Mercado Libre will operate as another marketplace.

About the prices of your products

From now on you must enter the prices of your products in each of the marketplaces where you want to list them.

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