To increase your sales you must show all the virtues of your product without any mistake. We will show you some of the common errors so you learn what not to do.

Too many Not applicable (N/A)

The first thing you must know is that you can only choose N/A when the feature does not belong to the product you are selling. For example, when you are asked to complete the megapixels of the phone’s camera but you sell a phone without camera.

Conversely, if you can’t find the data you are asked, you are in doubt or you don’t understand what you must enter, we advise you to contact the manufacturer or look for information on the internet, the product’s box or labels so you can correctly complete the required information.

The N/A option is not the solution for dubious data. You must provide as much information as possible to your clients, otherwise the listing will go under revision and its exposure will lower.

If you notice we ask too much data that is not related to the product you are listing, check the category you have chosen for the listing. You may have chosen the wrong category.

Wrong category

When you listed a product under a different category, your listing will lose exposure because it will be flagged as under revision, in addition, there will be other difficulties to make a sale:

» You may be asked to provide data that do not belong to your product.

» You won’t appear in the search filters related to your product.

» When a buyer looks for you, they won’t find you

» Due to the revision, the exposure of your listing will be lowered until you change the category and activate it, to do that, you have to do the following:

» A. If the listing has no sales, you can manually change the category on the 3 dot menu on Listings.

» B. If the listing has sales, you will have to list it again and delete the previous one. To make it easily, click Pause similar on the 3 dot menu on Listings so you don’t have to enter the datasheet data again.

Make sure you always list under the correct category, since if you make a sale in a listing under the wrong category, you will lose the sales history when you list it again. If you are in doubt, you can check your competitors to see the category under which they are listing.

Wrong information

Sometimes when you have to complete the datasheet, you may not know what to enter, but whatever you do, don’t just enter random information or some random combination of numbers, letters or symbols (asdfasdfg, ——–, !”!”·).

In these cases, we know these data are not beneficial for your listing, so it will go under revision and the exposure of your listing will be lowered, thus losing chances to make a sale.

When your information is wrong, your first impression on your buyers will be really confusing. Nowadays, few people give second chances on online shopping and they will probably go for a more reliable listing.

In addition, you will be left out of the correct value filter. For example, if you enter 111111 for the number of positions for a baby car seat, your listing won’t appear in the “3 positions” filtered list.

To prevent this, look for information about your product on its box, labels or by asking the manufacturer.

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