The information of your products is essential for your participation in the Catalog. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Catalog Listings, thus increasing your chances to sell.

Your listing is from the Catalog because you associated the product you are selling to one of our catalog.

As we know exactly what you sell, you can compete with other sellers of the same product, in order to be the first option that buyers see. The winner will be the one who offers the best sales conditions and experience.

Another benefit of having a Catalog Listing is that you have information verified by Mercado Libre: quality photos, the most detailed description and the most complete product specification sheet.

Where do buyers find this listing?

In the Listings Menu, we’ll first show the Catalog Products. From there, buyers will find all of the existing product deals gathered on the Product Page.

What is the Product Page?

It is a page where we centralize all Catalog Listings related to the same product

Buyers will be able to choose the variation they need. As the search changes, the featured deal will change. For example, for a mobile, we’ll show the different capacities and colors available in the market and, for each one, there may be a different seller.

In addition, from the Product Page, you can access More Options, which is a list similar to the search one, with all the listings existing for that product. If you are not the winner, buyers will find your Catalog Listing there.

1. Offer the best purchase conditions

In the Listings Menu, we suggest a price to win. In order to calculate it, we look at the conditions offered by the winner:

» Competitive price

» Interest-free installments (Premium listing type)

» Free shipping by Mercado Envíos

» Mercado Envíos Full

We’ll always recommend a price that improves the current winning deal. The value that we’ll indicate to you offsets the conditions that this winner may be offering.

Find more details: if, for example, whoever is winning offers free shipping and you don’t, we will surely ask you to sell the product at a cheaper price. In any case, if you prefer, you can also match the conditions and provide a lower price.

2. Make sure you have good reputation

We’ll always prioritize sellers who offer good experience to the buyer. Therefore, you can only win if you have a green or yellow color reputation.

There may be more than one winner!

You will always be a winner or loser to a group of buyers. This is because one seller can be first in one variation (certain capacity and color), while another one may win in another variation.

Also, for each buyer, there may be a different winner. This depends on your level of Mercado Puntos, your location, as well as other conditions.

You can always edit your sales conditions, such as the price, the type of listing and the shipping method.

Is there any information that I cannot edit?

As your listing is linked to a product in our Catalog, we complete the description, the title, the photos and the product specification sheet for you. Thus, your buyers will have more and better information to help choose your product.
In the same way, you will not be able to change the category, as it is specific to the product.

In your listing of the general list, you can keep having the images and description you had so far.

Can I offer different conditions in my Catalog Listing and in the related listing?

If you created your listing for the general listing and, then, based on that, you made your Catalog Listing, both are related. In your original listing you can sell your product, for example, at a price on the search list and at another price on the Catalog. Don’t worry, we’ll discount stock on both when you receive a purchase.

Both share stock to facilitate the management of your orders. As you sell the same product in both listings, when they buy or you edit the quantity, we will discount the stock of both.

Please note that, if you want to pause or delete your Catalog Listing, the other one will still be active.

When you created your listing you related it to a product, so, you cannot edit details such as photos, product specifications or description, because that information we take from our Catalog.

Don’t worry. If you made a mistake or are no longer selling it, delete your Catalog Listing and you will no longer be competing for this product. The listing you had already listed will continue to be active with all its units for sale.

Yes, but by doing so you will stop competing for that product.

Please, note that, if you had a related listing, it will still be active with all of its units for sale. If you also want to delete or pause it, you must do it in both listings.

We are building Mercado Libre Catalog. At the moment, you can participate with some products from the following categories:

» Instrument amplifiers

» Electric roasters

» Vacuum cleaners

» Headphones

» Body weight scales

» Blenders

» Mixers

» Horns

» Coffee makers

» Digital cameras

» Treadmills

» Kitchen hoods, extractors and purifiers

» Wine cellars

» Mobiles

» Blankets

» Video game consoles

» Electric dehumidifiers

» Hard drives and SSD

» Water dispensers

» Drones

» Stamping machine

» Stoves

» Fryers

» Gamepads and joysticks

» Ovens

» Bread ovens

» Car seats for babies and children

» Printers

» 3D printers

» Oral irrigators

» Electric jugs

» Washing machines

» Dishwasher

» Sewing machines

» Popcorn machines

» Digital Blood Pressure Gauges

» RAM memories

» Soccer tables

» Ping pong tables

» Microphones

» Microwave

» Computer monitors

» Computer mouses

» Nebulizers

» Pen drives

» Hair straighteners

» Food processors

» Processors

» Paddle tennis rackets

» Refrigerators

» Routers

» Hand routers

» Electric blowers

» TV and monitor stands

» Streaming media players

» Digitizing Tablets

» Memory cards

» Video cards

» Computer keyboards

» Telephones

» Televisions

» Fans

When your listings are eligible, you’ll see a new task on your Listings Menu.

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