It is necessary that you copy the URLs that correspond to the photos of your product in the column of images, separated by commas.

Search online for “Image hosting” and upload your photos to this tool

» You can choose the first free option you find to generate the URLs.

» If you have your own server or website, you can copy them directly from there.

Copy the URLs in the images column of the Excel spreadsheet

Remember that if you want to list more than one photo, you must separate the URLs with commas.

Done! You already have the photos in your listings

Keep these tips in mind in order to meet the requirements of a good photo:

» 1. Make sure the background is plain white, so that your product can shine.

» 2. Only the product should appear in the photo, without borders.

» 3. Don’t use logos or watermarks.

» 4. Don’t use banners or promotional texts, you can use the description field for such details.

Look at our tips to take professional photos.

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