What moderations are and how to avoid them

The success of your business depends on the good management of your listings. Check out why a listing is taken down and how to avoid infringements.

What is a moderation?

It is the measure taken against a listing that infringes our policies. In some cases your listing may lose exposure in the search results and, in other cases, your listing may be paused or removed. In addition, your account may be restricted to sell on Mercado Libre.

How do moderations work?

When we detect an infringing listing, we might take measures that will change the listing status. These are the statuses you may find:

  • Inactive: the listing was taken down and cannot be reinstated.
  • Inactive to review: the listing is paused and may be reinstated if the infringement is amended.
  • Active, losing exposure: the listing is losing exposure in the search results. In these cases, the exposure may be recovered by following our tips according to the type of moderation.

How can I view a moderated listing?

When your listing is removed, we will notify by the following channels:

  • Email: you will receive a message with the details of the infringement detected and, depending on the case, we will provide information on how to reactivate the listing.

In Listings, you will find several related messages:

  • In the cards located at the top of the list.
  • In the listing line, you can find the status and select the option "I need help" in the 3-dotted menu.

What infringements generate moderations?

These are some of the infringements that generate most of the moderations. For each of them you will find tips on how to avoid them and, if there is a solution, how the listings can be reactivated.


Listing products with a condition different from the actual one

Always inform the actual condition of the product. Otherwise, we will cancel your listings and your reputation will be at risk by providing a misleading experience to the buyers.

Check out the restricted products to import


Listing forbidden products

You should not list products forbidden by the legislation or by Mercado Libre's policies. Otherwise, your listing will be canceled and your Mercado Libre account may be sanctioned.


Selecting the incorrect category for your product

Choose the most adequate category for your listing. Thus, the buyers will find the products easily and you do not need to list it again.

To avoid this moderation, always make sure that the cover photo and the listing title represent the listed product and, also, that they match the selected category.

Learn how to list in the appropriate category

Having duplicate listings

Avoid listing the same product several times with the same selling conditions. Your deals should not be identical to each other. All duplicate listings will be removed, and only the listing with the highest exposure will remain active.

To avoid this moderation, we recommend that you offer variations of the same product in the same listing, without changing the price. For example a product in different colors or sizes.

Learn more about duplicate listings.


Uploading bad quality photos 

The photos introduce your listings. If you upload photos that do not comply with the quality criteria, your listings will be paused until the quality of the photos improves.

To avoid this moderation, make sure your products stand out and that the first photo has pure white background.


Adding personal details to your listing

Do not add personal and contact details anywhere in the listing. This includes the title, description, photos, questions and answers.  Any such information will require this content and/or photos to be edited, in order to avoid losing exposure or even pausing the listing.


Keeping inactive listings 

If your listings are inactive and outdated for a long time, they enter in a review status.

To avoid this moderation, provide avalilable products and edit your listings sometimes to keep them updated and attractive to buyers.


Infringing intellectual property rights

Your buyers' trust boosts your business. Take care of your reputation by offering only authentic and good quality products.

If you offer counterfeit products or the content of your listings infringes third parties’ rights, your listings could be removed and your account could be temporarily suspended or permanently restricted to sell.

Right owners or their proxies can enroll in the Brand Protection Program by proving ownership and validity of their  intellectual property rights. Once enrolled, they are able to report infringing listings that we remove. Additionally, we learn from those reports and remove listings with similar  infringements.

If your listings was removed based on IP infringements, there is no need to worry. Follow the procedure to reply to a notice or amend your listing’s content and continue selling.

Keep your listings active and in good condition