Photographs are the most important element when deciding on an online purchase. Having good photos is key to make your product look good and have a good quality listing.

It is known that those sellers who optimized the photos of their listing increased its turnover by 15% to 30%.

Here you can learn the best tips to meet this goal, and get better positioning in the listings.

One photo or many photos?

A listing with different photos shows your product in a professional way. We recommend that you include photos from various angles that help your buyers view all the characteristics of the product, to better perceive the size, texture and colors.

First photo

Your main photo is the one that appears in the lists and, therefore, your product must be the focus of the image. When you upload the first photo of your listing, make sure that nothing distracts your buyers from your offer.

Remember that posts with bad photos lose positioning in the listings!

Pure white background only

» Make your product look great! Your first photo should have a pure white background digitally created with an image editor. Photos taken in front of a wall, or in front of a white sheet, could make your listing lose exposure.

» There are several tools to edit photo backgrounds on the Internet, for example, which enables you to create a pure white background in a few steps.

» Your first photo must show the product outside the package.

Tips for the photos of your listing

Photos will help you convince the buyer to make the purchase. Therefore, it is essential that the photos show different angles of the product, allowing buyers to view all the features clearly, without distractions.

Do not add extra items

Nothing should distract people from your product! Make sure not to add:

» Logos or watermarks.

» Borders or banners.

» QR codes.

» Texts.

Do not add contact details nor selling conditions

» Please do not to include details such as email addresses, phone numbers, links to social networks in any of your images to avoid penalties.

» Do not use promotional banners. If you have additional information about your product or shipping information, please add it to the description.

Make sure the photos are not blurry

» Make sure your photos are in focus and well lit. Not too bright, not too dark: make sure the product details look good.

» To make your product stand out, we recommend that your photos have 1200 x 1200 px so that your buyers can zoom in.

» When listing, we ask that your images have at least 500 px on one of its sides.

Show only one model per photo

» Use only photos of the product you are listing and do not show many of them together.

» If you want to offer different colors or models, you must create variations. By doing so, your buyers will also be able to find your listing using the search filters. Further information about variations.

Use only photos that you have taken

» If you use photos from the Internet, make sure they are free to use and do not infringe copyrights. If you do so, your listing may be paused.

» In order to avoid possible complaints, take photos of the exact product you offer.

» Show it from different angles so that your buyers see exactly what you offer and brand holders can confirm that you offer original products.

Show your product in context

» If you need to show its dimensions, make sure to fill out the product specification sheet.

Show your product packaging

» You can do it only from the second image on.

Can I use pictures taken with the cell phone?

Good resolution cell phones are as useful as digital cameras. Following the tips above, you will not notice with which device you took them.

A good photo makes your listing visually attractive. Photography can be the best ally of your business. Take this into account!

Having quality images is available to everyone. There are even kits to take product photos with professional level. If you dare, you can put together your own photo studio.

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