Soon there will be costs on your operation at Full in Mexico

We will charge long term storage and pickup fees, but you can avoid them

To make better use of space in our warehouses with the right quantities of each product per seller, soon there will soon be fees for long term storage and for picking up stock at Full. In other words, we will apply fees on products stored for long times at the warehouse without being sold or those you bring and then decide to pick up.

The long term storage fees will apply as from March

Units stored for more than 60 calendar days will generate a monthly long term storage fee as from March (in February we will not charge you for long term storage fees because it is your first time under this new system). We will consider not only the stock available for sale, but also the damaged units and those with outstanding pickup, which you have not yet taken from Full.

Long term storage fees will be calculated per unit and will depend on the unitaging and size within its primary packaging:

Small product
(0 to 1,200 cm3)
E.g.: mouse.
Medium product
(1,201 to 30,000 cm3)
E.g.: laptop.
Large product
(More than 30,000 cm3)
E.g.: printer.
From 0 to 2
Free! Free! Free!
From 2 to 4
MXN $ 1 MXN $ 2 MXN $ 30
From 4 to 6
MXN $ 3 MXN $ 5 MXN $ 40
From 6 to 12
MXN $ 5 MXN $ 11 MXN $ 67
More than 12
MXN $ 11 MXN $ 27 MXN $ 150

From the long term storage fees section you will be able to check the size assigned to your units, how long they have been stored and how much you would pay for each one if you do not sell them or do not pick them up before the billing closes.

There will be pickup stock fees as from April 19

Picking up stock from Full will have costs as from April 19. So, we recommend that you take this opportunity during these previous months, while it's still free, to take all the units you are not selling and which could generate long term storage fees. We recommend you to book your pickup dates in advance since availability is not immediate and schedule is limited.

The fees to be paid for each picked up unit will depend on its size, within its primary packaging:

Product Size Pick up fee per unit
Small product
(From 0 to 1,200 cm3)
MXN $ 1.50
Medium product
(From 1,201 to 30,000 cm3)
MXN $ 2.50
Large product
(More than 30,000 cm3)
MXN $ 32

How to avoid new costs at Full 

If you manage your stored stock correctly, you can avoid the fees and Full will be 100% free for you. Here are some tips: 


Ship your products to Full in the right quantities

Send stock to the warehouse for no more than 60 days. When preparing your shipment, you will be able to see the maximum number of units based on your history. In addition, in the Orders section, you can download a report which will help you see what quantity to ship of each product.


Periodically check the age of your units at Full 

From the long term storage fees section, you can check how much you would pay for your units stored at Full if they are not sold or picked up before the billing closes. We recommend you to check every month which units could generate fees 


Improve the listings of the products which are not sold before they generate fees

Edit the listings of products you think that could be sold before the billing closes, so that they can be more attractive. For example, you can offer discounts or free shipping


Pick up the stock you think you will no longer sell 

Schedule a pickup date in advance, as availability is not immediate, because we need a few days to prepare your units. Keep in mind that pick up stock will be free until March.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the age of all my units counted?

We count the storage time of all units which are physically at the warehouse regardless of whether they are for sale, damaged or with outstanding pickup. That is, any of your units could generate long term storage fees. 


From what point is the age of my stock counted?

The age of your units begins to count from the moment they enter the warehouse and ends when they are sold or picked up. When you sell or pick them up, first, we will take out the oldest units.


How do I know if my product is small, medium or large?

We define the size of your product based on its volume, the measure that represents the physical space the unit occupies in our warehouse. 

How to calculate the volume of my products.


How can I pick up stock?

To pick up stock, schedule a date in the "Pick up products" option in Stock Management Full. Do it in advance, as availability is not immediate and schedule is limited. 

Learn more about how to pick up stock from Full.


Do I have to pay for all the units I pick up?

You will have to pay for all the units you take from the warehouse, except for the damaged ones which will be free of charge. 


Where can I see my Full fees?

Both long term storage fees and pickup stock fees will be reflected in your bi-weekly payment report available in the Payments section.


How can I offer discounts on my listings?

You can offer discounts from your listing menu if you have green reputation or if you are MercadoLider or an Official Store.

Learn more about offering discounts.