Completing your datasheets and improving your exposure is critical to increase your sales. These tools will tell you how to boost your listings.

Status of your listings

Another way to know the status of your datasheets is the status shown on your list of Active listings.

When a listing must have a more complete datasheet, you will be notified here, so you can see it on the list without having to check each and one of them.


You can also check the box over your listings. In addition to finding news about Mercado Libre, we will choose tasks that you can do to improve the quality of your listings.

One of these tasks will be exclusively focused on enumerating how many listings need a more complete datasheet.

Quality goals

Remember that when you complete your datasheets, you will improve the quality of your listings and achieve quality goals.

This meter shows the quality of your listing, having a complete datasheet is only one of the factors taken into account. That’s why it’s important you understand that number does not represent the percentage of completeness of your datasheet, but rather the quality level of that listing.

In fact, to achieve all the goals related to your datasheet you must take into account several aspects:

» 1. Avoid having too many “not applicable”.

» 2. Having the most complete data.

» 3. Completing data with quality information and avoid having incomplete data, made-up data or data with dashes or symbols ( —–, “·$% ).

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