We created a new task so you can complete first the datasheets for the listings with the highest rotation.

What are urgent datasheets?

These are the incomplete datasheets for the top selling listings. That’s why they are your priority to complete them to sell more.

As you may know, if listings are incomplete, their exposure will lower, so you won’t be leveraging its potential.

If you complete the urgent datasheets, you will get higher exposure, and more buyers will choose your product because they will have access to more information as well as comments from previous sales.

How can I distinguish urgent datasheets?

We created a new task that will filter listings with urgent datasheets to be completed.

This task is different than the current task “Datasheets to be reviewed” because it shows the most important listings and lets you focus on the top selling ones.

The “Datasheets to be reviewed” belongs to the listings with no sales, therefore, you can enter its data once you have finished completing the urgent ones.

How do I complete them?

It’s really easy, you just have to click on the task and all the listings with urgent product datasheets will be shown.

Then you just have to enter the data for the listings on that list and they will be crossed out on the task.

What happens if I don’t do it?

If you don’t complete it, it means you won’t have optimum exposure for your listing and you will lose the chance to increase your sales. In addition, your buyers won’t be able to find you so easily when they look for your products or apply filters.

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