What do I need to know about Mercado Libre Global Selling site

Welcome to the leading ecommerce platform in LATAM!

By creating a global selling account, you’ll be able to bulk list your products, manage everything about your orders, among other useful features and tools.

Let’s take a look at the main sections and features:

Marketplace switcher

In some sections such as Listings management or Orders, you’ll need to select the marketplace to work with.

Main menu

Navigate through the side menu options to manage, follow up and configure everything about your business.


It provides a brief status on how your listings and sales are going in every operating marketplace. You can check questions, new messages, new sales or even complaints you’ll have to pay attention to. Any kind of important notification can be shown in this summary.


Here you will find, step by step, how to manage your new orders and those ready to ship. Also you can check the status of those orders you’ve already sent and the delivered ones. All along the way, you can keep in touch with your buyers and know if they have made any complaints.


Be quick to answer the buyer’s questions in your listings. You’ll find an instant translator to local language to do so. This is the gateway to get sales.


Upload and edit all your product details. Check if you have any issue to review in your items or tips to improve their quality. You can also activate ads to grow your sales and manage your fulfillment inventory and inbound shipments.


Keep track on how you are performing as a seller by taking a look at statistics and rankings based on the experience you give to your buyers in each marketplace.

Learn more about Reputation.

Payment reports

You’ll find a complete list of your received payments. Every 2 weeks a new report will be created. Check, review and download the reports from this section.

Seller learning center

A bunch of introductory notes and tips to discover how to make your business grow. Take a look!


View and handle your account and personal information stored in My details. If you can’t find how to edit any information, please contact us by accesing Help.

Also, edit your Selling preferences such as marketplaces, shipping or collection methods, collaborators, addresses and more.

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