Global Selling

Everything you need to know about reconciliation

Learn how to reconcile the billing of your fees, using the reports and invoices that you have in Mercado Libre and Mercado Pago to check the details of the fees we charge you.

Global Selling

How to avoid moderations in order to take care of your business

The success of your business depends on how you manage your listings. Find out what moderations are and how to avoid them so that your orders are not affected.

Global Selling

How to integrate the new APIs of Mercado Libre Global Selling?

If you use integrations follow these tips to configure them to the new platform that will boost your sales.

Global Selling

"Business Metrics": use metrics to boost your sales

We have tools to monitor the performance of your Mercado Libre business.

Global Selling

Create your deals for several products at the same time

Would you like to offer the same type of discount on more than one product? Check out how to do it.

Global Selling

Work with the new Mercado Libre Global Selling tools

Here are our latest features to help you easily and quickly manage your sales. Be more competitive and provide a better purchase experience.

Global Selling

Learn how to answer questions and boost your sales

Answering pre and post sale customers’ questions is a skill that will maximize your conversion and sales. The first step is to understand the customers’ needs.

Global Selling

How to create effective listings in Mercado Libre

Achieve attractive listings and increase your chances of selling.

Global Selling

How to create a good title for your listing

We share 5 tips that will help you get an effective title.

Global Selling

Turn questions into orders

The questions that your buyers are asking in your listings provide a great opportunity to connect and to give them accurate answers in order to encourage sales.