Learn how the reports can help you manage your stock at Full and where you can download them.

In Orders and Stock Management Full (in Listings), you can download several Excel reports to closely monitor the status and movements of all your units at Full.

With these reports, you can:

» Identify which products send to the warehouse and the correct quantity, according to your sales history.

» Review the current status of all your units at Full.

» Daily follow up all movements of your units at Full.

Reports you can download in Orders:


To identify how many units of each product you should ship to the warehouse, you can download the sales report for all your products.

Based on what you’ve sold in the previous months, you’ll be able to see how much stock you should ship to cover your orders for the next months.

Reports you can download in Stock Management Full, in Listings:

General Report of Stock at FULL

To be aware of the status of all your units at Full, you can download the general stock report. In it, is possible to briefly see which units are on their way to the warehouse, which ones we have already received and if there are units with any problems.

Consolidated Movements Report

To closely monitor the activity of your products by specific periods of time, you can download the consolidated movement report. This way, you will be able to view how many units of each product you have shipped, sold or picked up.

Product Movement Report

To review the details of the activity of a specific product at a given time, you can download the movement report. This way, is possible to track the day by day of all units of a product.

To see in detail the meaning of each movement or status of your units, you can check the glossary from each report you download.

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